Deep Healing with DreamYoga and Lucid Dreaming

with Andrew Holecek

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Part 1

Introduction and outlook to the course

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Part 2

What is Lucid Dreaming? What is DreamYoga?

Part 3

Are Lucid Dreaming and DreamYoga dangerous ?

Part 4

Life optimization : Can you change your habits by practicing DreamYoga?

Part 5

Is lucid dreaming just fantasy ?

Part 6

Health : How can Lucid Dreaming support my health?

Part 7

Wealth & Happiness : Can we use Lucid Dreaming and DreamYoga to become rich and prosperous?

Part 8

What is the relationship between lucid dreaming and meditation ?

Part 9

Religion & Spirituality : Does DreamYoga affect my religious or spiritual tradition?

Part 10

Medial Worlds : Is it possible to connect with other beings and the dead through DreamYoga?

The big seminar

Would you like to delve deeper into the topic ? Then use this course.

Deep healing with DreamYoga and Lucid Dreaming

Learn the 9 Extraordinary Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Benefits of Nighttime Practices!

The methods of liminal dreaming, lucid dreaming, DreamYoga and sleep yoga open the door to a vastly expanded understanding of our mind, our perception of reality and human potential. 

10 Einheiten PLUS 3 Live-Sessions mit 12 Stunden Kursmaterial.
Zusatzmodul mit Nathanael Schwartz – gesondert buchbar!

This class  offers a holistic approach that will show you how to innovatively address the sleeping and dreaming mind and enter the fluid state of optimal awareness – day and night.



Now – lern how to dream consciously for only 249,00 €


Extra bookable:

Additional module with Mathias Berner & Nathanael Schwartz : Support lucid dreaming with herbs & homeopathic remedies! You will be able to do this once you purchase the product „Deep healing with DreamYOga and Lucid Dreaming“!

“ Neuroscientists suspect that lucid dreaming could be the pedagogy of the future. “
  – Andrew Holecek –

The topics of each session

Session 1: Introduction to nighttime meditations and their benefits

  • The five nocturnal meditations : liminal dreaming, lucid dreaming, DreamYoga, sleep yoga, and bardo yoga
  • How the five nocturnal meditations fit into the „Night School“ curriculum
  • The many physical, psychological, and spiritual Benefits of DreamYoga
  • Improved physical performanceconflict resolution, ending nightmares, increased creativity, problem solving, accelerated learning, physical and mental healing, habit/karma purification
  • How the nighttime practices facilitate spiritual awakening and help you prepare for death
  • Why changes can occur so quickly and permanently with DreamYoga
  • The Central Role of Meditation in Achieving Clarity

Session 2: The Science and Medicine of Sleep

  • What sleep phases are there?
  • Using the stages of sleep to achieve optimal results in nighttime meditation.
  • When to use the night powerfully and when to rest deeply
  • The critical importance of proper sleep and dreaming for physical and mental health
  • Western and Eastern sleep hygiene tips and tricks for optimal sleep
  • The six most important sleep disorders 
  • Fix sleep disorders with the help of an integral approach
  • How to diagnose sleep apnea syndrome and what treatment options are available
  • The role of light pollution, segmented sleep, food, and nutritional supplements in sleep

Session 3: Liminal Dreaming and Lucid Dreaming Part 1

  • The central nocturnal meditations
  • How liminal dreaming leads to threshold-free thinking and why this is so important
  • Recognizing and working with liminal places, liminal experiences and liminal states of consciousness
  • How dreaming can be used for creativity
  • Learn to consciously build and explore your self-esteem through dreams
  • Experience the possibilities of lucid dreaming and the scientific principles behind it
  • Practicing lucid dreaming with daily techniques
  • How to recognize the different dream states  and train your  memory
  • The Importance of Journaling , Dream Recall , and the Power of Intention
  • Introduction to the practice of dealing with the illusory world

Session 4: Liminal Dreaming and Lucid Dreaming Part 2 on 6/7/23

Session 4 Live mit F&A: Liminales Träumen und Luzides Träumen Teil 2.
Transformation von Angst, Furcht und Stress am 07.06.23, 19:00 Uhr

  • The  nocturnal induction techniques of Eastern culture , like 
    • breathwork,
    • meditation and
    • Get to know visualization
  • Experience Western nocturnal induction techniques such as: MILD, DILD, WILD and wake-and-back- to – bed techniques
  • Electronic aids and proven dietary supplements to support lucid dreaming
  • A holistic approach to understanding and working with anxiety and fear
  • Stress management techniques for optimal sleep and dream
  • The principle of the nightmare and how you can dissolve nightmares – day or night – with the power of lucidity

Session 5: Dealing with the inner obstacles on 06/14/23

Session 5 LIVE mit F&A:
Mit den inneren Hindernissen umgehen am 14.06.23, 19:00 Uhr

  • Understanding and transforming obstacles to nighttime meditation
  • Identify general and specific, external and internal, gross and subtle obstacles
  • Apply antidotes to all these obstacles
  • In this way you learn to see even failures as successes and to use them creatively
  • How to recognize when the lucidity in a dream is decreasing
  • How to make your lucid dreams last longer and make them clearer and more stable
  • Deal with discouragement and turn it back into courage
  • Tips and tricks for a successful career in lucidity
  • Know the importance of attitude during the day for success at night  

Session 6: Using sleep and dreams to understand mind and reality on 06/21/23

Session 6 LIVE mit F&A:
Schlaf und Traum nutzen, um Geist und Realität zu verstehen am 21.06.23, 19:00 Uhr

  • Overview of the nine stages of DreamYoga
  • The connection between the stages of DreamYoga and the core Buddhist teachings of emptiness 
  • Create your own laboratory of sleep and dreams to study your true being (nature of mind).
  • Why the waking state is the most “sleeping” state of consciousness in a spiritual sense and how to wake up from it
  • Recognizing and dissolving the central role of our „suffering“, the clinging to experiences
  • Learn how the process of inner liberation can be practiced in our dreams
  • Why Buddha was the ultimate lucid dreamer
  • How sleeping and dreaming can be used in all wisdom traditions to prepare for death
  • So you can  use lucid dreaming to live lucidly and ultimately also to  die lucidly
Der Kurs beginnt am 17. Mai, er besteht aus sechs Teilen – die ersten drei Teile sind Aufzeichnungen, danach folgen drei Live-Sessions! Die Live-Termine finden immer um 19 Uhr statt.
Extra buchbar:
Zusatzmodul mit Mathias Berner & Nathanael Schwartz - dem Dozenten unseres beliebten Kurses "Adaptogene & Homöopathie":
Luzides Träumen mit Pflanzen & homöopathischen Mitteln unterstützen!

We sleep each night on a vast, untapped natural resource that can exceed our wildest dreams—and then help us fulfill them in waking life. 

“ As a former dentist, concert pianist, freestyle skier, and current author, I can’t tell you how much the nightly meditations, especially lucid dreaming, have impacted all of my physical, professional, and psycho-spiritual activities. I have literally practiced Beethoven Sonatas in my lucid dreams, rehearsed lectures, hatched dreams for ideas for books, acted as surrogate dreamers for others, healed myself in dreams, had hyperlucid dreams that were more real than waking reality, received precognitive dreams, who accurately predicted physical events (and likely prevented serious undesirable experiences), received teachings from spiritual masters, and purified countless bad habits. Many of the most transformative experiences of my life occur in my dreams. “ 

– Andrew Holecek

13 units with 12 hours of course material.
 Additional module with Nathanael Schwartz – can be booked separately!

Now – lern how to dream consciously for only 249,00 €

You will leave this class with a radically new understanding of the spectrum of your identity and an eye-opening glimpse into the wonders of the night mind.  

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The Lost Art of Contemplation


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book excerpt

Dream Yoga: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of Sleep


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dream journal

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13 units with 12 hours of course material. PLUS:   Additional module with Nathanael Schwartz – can be booked separately!

are you living your dream Or are you dreaming your life? Dream consciously and let them come true.


Now – lern how to dream consciously for only 249,00 €

"Never believe that what you know is the absolute truth. If you are trapped by the knowledge you currently possess, that is the end of your progress."
Thich Nhat Hanh

Now – lern how to dream consciously for only 249,00 €

13 units with 12 hours of course material.
PLUS:  Additional module with Nathanael Schwartz – can be booked separately!

Andrew Holecek

Andrew Holecek offers international seminars on lucid dreaming, DreamYoga and meditation. He is the author of many books including The Lucid Dreaming Workbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Your Dream Life , Dream Yoga: Illuminating Your Life through Lucid Dreaming and The Tibetan Yogas of Sleep; Dreams of Light: The Profound Daytime Practice of Lucid Dreaming” and the audio tutorial „Dream Yoga: The Tibetan Path of Awakening Through Lucid Dreaming“ . 

His latest book is the forthcoming Reverse Meditation: How to Use Your Pain and Toughest Emotions as a Gateway to Inner Freedom. 

dr Holecek is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and author of scientific papers on lucid dreaming. 

His work is featured in Psychology Today, Parabola Lion’s Roar, Tricycle Utne Reader, Buddhadharma Magazine, Light of Consciousness, and many other journals.

dr Holecek is also the host of the popular Edge of Mind podcast and founder of the international Night Club Community, a support platform for nighttime meditations.

He has degrees in classical music, biology and a PhD in dental surgery. 

Andrew Holecek

Andrew Holecek bietet international Seminare über luzides Träumen, Traum-Yoga und Meditation an. Er ist der Autor vieler Bücher, darunter „The Lucid Dreaming Workbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Your Dream Life“, „Dream Yoga: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming“ and „The Tibetan Yogas of Sleep; Dreams of Light: The Profound Daytime Practice of Lucid Dreaming“, sowie dem Audio-Lernkurs „Dream Yoga: The Tibetan Path of Awakening Through Lucid Dreaming“. 

Sein neuestes Buch ist die in Kürze erscheinende Reverse Meditation: Wie Sie Ihre Schmerzen und schwierigsten Emotionen als Tor zur inneren Freiheit nutzen können. 

Dr. Holecek ist Mitglied der American Academy of Sleep Medicine und Autor wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten über luzides Träumen. 

Seine Arbeiten sind in Psychology Today, Parabola, Lion’s Roar, Tricycle, Utne Reader, Buddhadharma Magazine, Light of Consciousness und vielen anderen Zeitschriften erschienen.

Dr. Holecek ist außerdem Gastgeber des beliebten Edge of Mind-Podcasts und Gründer der internationalen Night Club Community, einer Unterstützungsplattform für nächtliche Meditationen.

Er hat Abschlüsse in klassischer Musik, Biologie und einen Doktortitel in Zahnchirurgie. 


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