The female power and the most important homoeopathic remedies of these times

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Lac Humanum - the basis of empathy

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Part 1 from Sunday June 18th, 2023

Part 2

Part 3 - June 22

Part 4 - June 23

Part 5 - June 24

Also free for you – the popular first two parts of the interviews with Alize Timmerman from the UtH Congress.

Lac Humanum 1

Lac Humanum 2

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Including many remedies that have been extensively tested by Alize Timmerman personally
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The interview Lac Humanum 1 and 2 from the United To Heal Online Congress


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Alize Timmerman

Alize Timmerman started her career in biochemical research, working in hospitals in the Netherlands and Norway and at the University of Amsterdam.
She later studied naturopathic medicine and homeopathy and began practicing in 1981 and teaching in 1986. She is the founder (1988) and director of the Hahnemann Institute in the Netherlands.
The Institute organizes advanced training courses for practicing homeopaths. Alize lectures all over the world, combining her unique insights in homeopathy and psychology with a special talent for didactics and presentation. Inspired by Jürgen Becker, the Hahnemann Institute in the Netherlands started exams and triturations in the 1990s; in this way a great deal of knowledge about new remedies and the principle of trituration was acquired.
She has a busy practice where she works closely with 6 colleagues to develop new treatment strategies and refine homeopathic treatment. She is inspired by Hahnemann and practices classical homeopathy.
Alize Timmerman works with her wisdom on all possibilities of healing. 
She shares her experiences as a mother, as a wife, as a friend and as a grandmother. We learn from her how to integrate this knowledge into daily practice.
Her rich experience enriches all possibilities of „self-healing“.
The plant and mineral world is around us to heal us. By experiencing the inner sensation we find the plant that heals our body.

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